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Energy Solutions to
Improve Your Bottom Line

Discover your potential energy savings with a no obligation site audit for your "commercial and industrial" Solar, EV or LED lighting needs.

Helping Businesses Increase Financial Savings

EnPact Energy provides product strategies and solutions designed to reduce commercial energy consumption, while leveraging the myriad of financial incentives, grants, and tax mechanisms to help businesses increase their bottom line. Our goal is to be the industry’s most respected resource for commercial energy savings.

Free Site Assessments

Reducing energy costs, saving money, and reducing an organization’s carbon footprint begins with EnPact Energy’s energy assessment.

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Download your FREE Guide to Navigating Energy Incentives

Sign up to download the EnPact Energy incentives Matrix. We provide a depth of knowledge on energy incentives to ensure the customer maximizes and can combine opportunities to create the quickest payback and ROI available.

Savings Opportunities

Strategic Energy Management

We specialize in identifying opportunities for financial savings, deploying a strategic approach to your organization’s energy consumption.

Cost-Effective Energy Savings

We take a holistic 3-pronged approach to energy savings, providing 1) assessment 2) analysis and the 3) deployment of cost-effective energy savings initiatives.

Rebates, Incentives, and Grants

Grants, rebates, and incentives can help offset the upfront cost of installing energy-efficient solar, lighting and EV systems. Ask about an EnPact Energy assessment, to identify financial rebates and incentive opportunities to improve your business’ bottom line. More…

Tax Exemptions and Recovery

Tax credits at the federal and state level can be used to reduce your organization’s tax burden and positively affect your business’ bottom line. Additionally, an EnPact Energy assessment can identify tax exemptions and recoveries rewarding your organization for improved energy efficiencies.

Energy-Related Infrastructure Upgrades

Prior to deployment the phase, EnPact can provide an analysis of your facilities to identify energy-related upgrades or retrofits to positively impact your company’s bottom line.

Abandonment Depreciation

EnPact’s analysis may provide another opportunity for significant economic benefit. Your organization’s energy-related upgrade or retrofit and subsequent abandoned old system may provide a financially beneficial tax deduction.

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Our Associations

EnPact Energy is proud to have associations with the following organizations:

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We Use DLC Listed Products.

EnPact Energy monitors the availability of national utility rebates offered by power generation companies. If allowed, these rebates are applied to your project for additional cost savings.

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