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Tax credits for LED lighting at the federal and state level can be used to reduce your organization’s tax burden and positively affect your business’ bottom line. Rebates, incentives, and grants can help offset the upfront cost of installing energy-efficient LEDs.

The federal government and local municipalities offer a number of incentives and government rebates for LED lighting. Provided below are links to a number of resources for applicable grants and tax credits that may be available to your business:

Product Eligibility

Not all LED lighting will qualify for rebates. To qualify your business may be required to provide information about the LED lighting products you plan purchase, i.e. type, shape, wattage, warranty, etc. EnPact Lighting can assist in the preparation of your organization’s LED Lighting project and validate products to meet incentive requirements.

Pre-approval and Timing

Your business may be required to receive pre-approval prior to the purchase or installation of LED lighting. On average, pre-approval takes about four weeks.

Rebate Limitations

Many programs promote a flat $40 per lamp rebate, however these rebates may be capped at a certain percentage of the overall project cost. Additionally, rebates of “up to” a certain percentage of a lighting project cost may be promoted, but these rebates will likely be limited by the financial payback time of the project.

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