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In large or commercial spaces that require major lighting, photometrics play an important role. It allows architects and lighting designers to know if the light is enough for a space. It can confirm brightness, intensity, evenness of light and more. It also enables understanding of costs and allow for planning of electrical needs.

A CAD drawing from a photometrics studyA CAD 3D rendering from a photometrics study

Photometrics enables lighting designers to better plan efficient lighting layouts to solve the client's needs.

Photometric light study is the study of light itself, not just a type of lighting. Photometrics, photometric analysis and photometric studies are just different names of the same thing. It focuses on how light leaves a fixture and goes into the surrounding area it is in. It is a computer simulation of light. It is very important knowledge for the people who are in the business of working with light fixtures and lighting design. 

A photometric fixture study

The photometric design process considers a lighting fixture's specific attributes.

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