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As the developer on the project, Enpact Energy will do a preliminary review of your site as well as request your energy bill detailing your past years’ usage.  From there we will assess your energy demand and how large a solar array will be required to meet those needs.

The initial goal in the design process is to cover all your energy demand, but with heavy industrial energy users there may not be enough space to accomplish this. Even if not all your energy demands can be met, there is still a very compelling ROI to cover whatever amounts are viable.

This is where Enpact Energy excels.  We pride ourselves with not only knowing the various incentives (see financial Incentives guide) and/or financial mechanisms to drive your costs down, but we also provide services that guide you through the process as well as partnering with certified entities that can provide the studies required to qualify for the incentives that are not automatically granted.

We also partner with financing companies that offer creative leasing, PPA or financing plans if capital expense is a concern.  In all these scenarios, the goal is to provide our customers with the knowledge necessary to make the best decision for your goals and bottom line.

We will provide our customers a base system design detailing the number of panels in the array, the electrical component required such as inverters, optimizers, and we will provide an estimate that includes the cost of the racking or structural mounting required to hold the array.

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