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Before starting construction there is a process that occurs to not only get building permits, but to get approvals from the local power company which could require system upgrades.  Once again as the developer we contract with one of our partner engineering firms to provide stamped drawings for structural or site survey along with line drawings for the electrical schematics.  These are the typical engineering tasks we think of when obtaining building permits.

There is, however, additional environmental engineering that may be required depending on the location and size of your company.  For example, when applying for certain grants there is an environmental study that is required and specific paperwork detailing that you meet specific guidelines to be eligible for these grants.

EnPact Energy has partners here that produce the environmental studies and submit the findings to the appropriate governing bodies.  It is through incentives such as these that allow you reap the rewards of being part of the solution to help our environment as well as participate in deploying a more distributed and self-sustaining power grid.

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