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Our system designs take into account your unique power generation needs.
Strategic Energy Management

EnPact Energy provides product strategies and solutions designed to reduce commercial energy consumption, while leveraging the myriad of financial incentives, grants, and tax mechanisms to help businesses increase their bottom line. Our goal is to be the industry’s most respected resource for commercial energy savings.

Upon request, EnPact Solar will provide your business with a detailed Site Assessment and Energy Savings Estimate. We will:

Analyze your current power needs

Assess on-site structures for use in the solar system

Model potential usage vs. available solar production

Apply our knowledge of grants, incentives, rebates and tax credits to lower system pricing and maximize your ROI

Provide a financial analysis showing net system cost, payback period, and annual energy savings

Detail and report findings and proposed recommendations

You'll receive a full technical plan specially designed to meet your needs
with a fast return on investment.
Ready to Get Started?

Reducing energy costs, saving money, and reducing an organization’s carbon footprint begins with EnPact Lighting’s energy assessment. Contact us to schedule your assessment today.

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