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Solar systems can be designed as roof top systems, ground mount systems or carport systems over parking areas or a combination of approaches.

solar panels on a roof

Roof Top Systems

This is the most common approach as it normally is the most cost-effective implementation.  The array is harder to get to which is a benefit if there is concern about people or large animals’ access to the system.  Roof top systems also in general have less shading which obviously helps with greater production of power and are visually out of sight.

Some of the challenges for rooftop systems can be the condition or age of the roof, roof warranties, or potential structural concerns.  Also, with industrial plants the energy demands can be significant and there may not be enough real estate on the roof to cover 100% of the client’s energy needs.

Ground Top Systems

These arrays are a great option for the customer who has the available real estate and does not want to put a system on their roof.  While a little more expensive up front, they are easier to access making service easier.  Also, you have more flexibility to orient the panels to be the most efficient they can be by setting the optimal azimuth and tilt which means the long-term savings are greater, typically providing a better return over time.

Carport Designs

Another approach is to design carports over parking areas for companies that don’t want an array on the roof and don’t have the real estate for a ground mount system.  While this approach is the most capital intensive due to the structural requirements, it provides covers parking for employees, it is very aesthetically pleasing.  It is becoming more common to see carport systems and many customers choose to provide recharging EV stations as an added benefit to their employees.

Solar panels and inverter

Product Offering

As a developer that oversees the entire process of from slave to grave, EnPact Energy has partnered with a multitude of suppliers and manufacturers, contractors, engineers, and financial services groups to ensure that we can tailor your project to your specific needs.  This enables us to not only provide excellent pricing but to provide a service that is comprehensive in scope.

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