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Brian spent 25 plus years as a sales and marketing manager working for various manufacturing organizations within the optical, electrical, and electronics industries with each environment contributing to his knowledge of best practices. The organizations ranged from small to large, providing him with the opportunity to learn to implement multiple business models.

This experience included managing direct outside sales forces, representative networks, and developing distribution networks and strategies.

In 2014 he entered a partnership with IP Systems, LLC which is a small assembly/manufacturer of fume extraction equipment for the laser and electronics industries. This new endeavor grew Mr. Langley’s experience beyond sales and marketing, to managing operations, inventory control, engineering, and finance.

In 2023 he sold his interests in the company and joined EnPact Energy as COO. Through all of this, Mr. Langley has gained unique insights covering sales and marketing, operations, engineering, and finance.  It is this variety of experiences that makes him a valued addition to EnPact Energy and ultimately our customers.

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